Population, Women, and Environment: a Public Dialogue | Women's & Gender Studies

Population, Women, and Environment: a Public Dialogue

Event Date: 
Monday, October 29, 2012 - 14:00
Event Location: 
Wooten Hall 322


Join us for a lively discussion on how the issues are linked, what's happening at local-global levels, and what we can do about it.

What: Presentations and audience discussion

When: Monday October 29, 2:00 - 3:30 pm

Where: University of North Texas, Denton, Texas, Wooten Hall 322

The connections between reproductive health and the environment took center stage this summer, beginning at the UN "Rio +20" Sustainable Development Conference, and continuing to garner attention at the London Family Planning Summit and in a population series in the Los Angeles Times. Come hear leading experts on these intersecting issues discuss the linkages, provide updates on policy and advocacy, and share their views on how we can get involved. From the local community to the national and global levels, population growth, family planning and environmentally sustainable development are central to our lives.

But how do these issues affect you and your local community - and how are the "issues-experts", youth, and NGO advocates addressing these inter-linked global challenges? How does the empowerment of women come into play? How do these themes play out in our US communities versus in developing countries? Is there anything we can do to better understand the connections and make a difference for women, families, and communities around the world?

All this and more will be addressed at the public forum and discussion in your community. Come join us, learn loads about these pressing issues, and give us some feedback - tell us how you feel!


Welcome: Dr Sandra Spencer, Program Director, Women's Studies, University of North Texas (UNT), Denton

Moderator and Introduction: Vicky Markham, Director, Center for Environment and Population (CEP)

Special Guest Speakers:

  • Gayle Loeffler, Member, National Sierra Club Global Population & Environment Program Committee: "Global Population and Environment"
  • Professor Ӧzlem Altıok, Lecturer, International Studies and Women's Studies UNT: "A Brief History of Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Wrongs, and Reproductive Choice in the Third World"
  • Dr P (Trish) Glazebrook, Chair, Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies, UNT, "Gendering the Climate Agenda: Field Notes from Ghana"
  • Kelly Hart, Director of Public Affairs, Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas: "Reproductive Health in Texas, Challenges and Opportunities"
  • Advocates for Youth representative: "Washington, DC activist training"

Contact: Vicky Markham, Director, Center for Environment and Population (CEP), email vmarkham@cepnet.org, telephone 203-529-3029

Co-organized by: Center for Environment and Population (CEP), Izaak Walton League, Sierra Club Global Population and Environment Program, Planned Parenthood Federation of Greater Texas, International Studies and Women's Studies Program, University of North Texas, Denton, Advocates for Youth.

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