Minor Requirements | Women's & Gender Studies

Minor Requirements

A minor in Women's & Gender Studies may be earned by successfully completing 18 semester hours, including:

  • WGST 2100 - Women and Society: An Introduction to Women's Studies
  • WGST 4100 - Feminist Theories and Contemporary Issues (taught in Spring only)
  • Four additional 3-hour courses approved for Women's & Gender Studies credit.

Nine of the 18 hours taken must be advanced hours. The electives are chosen from an inventory of more than 60 gender-related courses representing nearly every discipline in the university curriculum.

All Women's & Gender Studies students are encouraged to meet with the director and/or the advising staff in order to design an academic plan that best complements the major interests of the student.

Below is a list of current semester course offerings and a general index of approved courses. The courses listed in the general index are offered regularly and will always be approved for Women's & Gender Studies credit--this list does not include special topics courses, of which there are several each semester. Use this list to get an idea of what courses you would be able to take as you pursue the minor.

Fall 2018 Undergraduate Course List

General Index of Approved Courses

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