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LGBT Studies Courses

All undergraduate majors and concentrations are eligible to minor in LGBT Studies at UNT. The minor requires completion of 18 hours selected from a list of multidisciplinary academic courses, including 6 advanced hours (3000 level or higher). Courses across the curriculum address the impact of sexual attitudes and behaviors on history, politics, social arrangements, artistic and literary creation, and conceptions of the self.

Students investigate the ways in which human sexuality has been shaped by medical and scientific discourse, economic imperatives, philosophy, religion, law, politics, art, visual culture and literature. The LGBT Studies steering committee meets annually to evaluate course offerings to be included in the minor.

To find out more about the program, please email To sign up for the LGBT Studies minor, talk to your college advisor about being part of the program.

Below is a list of current semester course offerings and a general index of approved courses. The courses listed in the general index are offered regularly and will always be approved for LGBT Studies credit--this list does not include special topics courses, of which there are several each semester. Use this list to get an idea of what courses you would be able to take as you pursue the minor. Please contact if you feel that there are any other courses that should be included.

Spring 2019 Undergraduate Course List

General Index of Approved Courses

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