Undergraduate Courses

Approved courses for the minor in Women's and Gender Studies are posted here each semester. Students can also pick up a paper copy of the course list outside the Women's and Gender Studies office (GAB 467) or download a copy by clicking the link at the end of this list.

Spring 2016

WMST 2100.001--Intro Women's Studies----TR 9:30-10:50----K. Alder

WMST 2100.003--Intro Women's Studies----MWF 11-11:50----C. Graham

WMST 2100.500--Intro Women's Studies----INET----O. Altiok

WMST 2100.501--Intro Women's Studies----INET----I. Groen

WMST 2420.002--Race/Class/Gndr/Ethn----MWF 8-8:50----S. Jefferies

WMST 3520.001--Psyc Dyna of Women----M 6-8:50

WMST 3720.001--Women's Literature----MW 2-3:20----N. Gilbert

"Victorian Sensation Lit & Film Noir"

WMST 4100.002--Feminist Theory----M 2-4:50----M. Cudhea

WMST 4260.001--Gender & Development----W 5:30-8:20----O. Altiok

WMST 4800.001--Internship

ANTH 2200.001--Gender----MWF 12-12:50----J. Johnson

CMHT 4750.002--Diverse Workforce----INET----J. Reynolds

CMHT 4750.003--Diverse Workforce----INET----J. Reynolds

COMM 3150.001--Gender & Communication----MW 3:30-4:50----S. Enck

DFST 2033.001--Parenting Diverse Families----MWF 9-9:50

DFST 2033.002--Parenting Diverse Families----TR 8-9:20

DFST 2033.004--Parenting Diverse Families----W 5:30-8:29

DFST 2033.005--Parenting Diverse Families----MWF 11-11:50----V. Kadieva

DFST 2033.020--Parenting Diverse Families----INET

DFST 2313.001--Courtship & Marriage----TR 3:30-4:50----V. Kadieva

DFST 2313.002--Courtship & Marriage----MWF 1-1:50----V. Kadieva

DFST 3153.001--Diverse Families----T 5:30-8:20----V. Kadieva

DFST 3313.001--Interpersonal Relationships----TR 9:30-10:50----J. Leventhal

ECON 3150.001--Econ of Discrimination----TR 11-12:20----K. Battaglia

ECON 3150.002--Econ of Discrimination----TR 8-9:20----K. Battaglia

ENGL 3924.001--Women's Literature----MW 2-3:20----N. Gilbert

"Victorian Sensation Lit & Film Noir"

HIST 4261.002--History of the Body in US----MWF 12-12:50----R. Moran

HIST 4470.001--Women of US from 1900----TR 11-12:20----C. Pomerleau

HIST 4475.001--Jewish Wm Modern US----TR 3:30-4:50----E. Pollack

HLTH 2200.001--Human Sexuality----W 2-4:50----A. Ancona

HLTH 2200.002--Human Sexuality----TR 11-12:20----A. Ancona

JOUR 4250.001--Race, Gender, Media----W 3:30-6:20----T. Everbach

INST 4850.002--Human Insecurity----MW 2-3:20----O. Altiok

PSYC 3490.001--Psych of Women----M 6-8:50

PSYC 3490.002--Psych of Women----MWF 9-9:50

PSYC 3640.001--Marital Adjustment----T 2-4:50

PSYC 4470.001--Sexual Behavior----R 2-4:50

PSYC 4670.001--LGBT Psychosocial Health----T 6:30-9:20----M. Vosvick

SOCI 2010.001--Race/Class/Gender/Ethn----MWF 8-8:50----S. Jefferies

SOCI 3000.001--Marriage & Family----MWF 8-8:50----A. Bush

SOCI 4250.900--Gender & Society----INET----S. Eve

Summer 2016 (5 Week Summer I Session): Study Abroad

WMST 4260--At the Crossroads: Politics and Society in Contemporary Turkey----O. Altiok

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