Fem Flicks Series: FOR MY WIFE | Women's & Gender Studies

Fem Flicks Series: FOR MY WIFE

Event Date: 
Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 16:00
Event Location: 
Media Library

For My Wife...

Addressing a timely and critical issue, for my wife... chronicles the making of an activist for Marriage Equality. Charlene Strong was thrust into the spotlight after the tragic death of her wife, Kate. After facing this loss and the heartless humiliation of hospital and funeral home staff, Charlene decided to take a stand. Her dramatic congressional testimony is credited in passing Washington state's historic Domestic Partnership laws. As Charlene finds her voice to speak out against injustice, her journey takes her across the country, finally meeting with President Barack Obama and securing his commitment to equality for all LGBT Americans. for my wife... tells Charlene's story against the backdrop of the national debate on Marriage Equality. It is one of courage and determination and inspires the activist in all of us. (2008, 60 min.)

Watch the trailer here: http://www.formywife.info/trailer.php

The screening will be followed by a discussion session conducted by Clark Pomerleau.

Dr. Clark Pomerleau is an Associate Professor in the Department of History at UNT. He specializes in U.S. gender, sexuality, alternative education, and twentieth-century social movements. He is an affiliated faculty member in the Women's Studies Program and the LGBT Studies Program at UNT.

Fem Flicks is a film series spotlighting women's issues. Fem Flicks is presented by the Multicultural Center, the Media Library, and the Women's Studies Program.

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