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Graduate Courses

Current Course Offerings

To be awarded a master's degree in Women's and Gender Studies at UNT, students must complete at least 30 hours of graduate coursework as part of an approved master's degree plan. All students are required to complete the following courses as part of their master's degree program:

  • WGST 5100 (Feminist and Womanist Theories)
  • WGST 5800 (Globalization and Gender)
  • WGST 5300 (Feminist Methods and Methodologies)

In addition to these nine (9) hours of required coursework, students will select additional coursework from an array of courses approved for WGST credit. These courses are available in various departments and across multiple disciplines, not just women's and gender studies.

Approved courses for the Master's degree in Women's & Gender Studies are posted here each semester. Students can also pick up a paper copy of the course list outside the Women's & Gender Studies office (GAB 117).