Degree Program & Requirements | Women's & Gender Studies

Degree Program & Requirements

Students must complete at least 30 hours of graduate coursework as part of an approved Master's Degree Plan. All students are required to complete WGST 5100 (Feminist Theory), WGST 5200 (Gender & Globalization), and WGST 5300 (Feminist Methods and Methodologies) as part of their master's program at UNT.

Required Courses:

  • WGST 5100: Feminist & Womanist Theory
  • WGST 5200: Gender & Globalization
  • WGST 5300: Feminist Methods & Methodologies

On top of these nine (9) hours of required coursework, students will select additional courses approved for WGST credit. Examples of current courses (offerings depending on department availability):

  • COMM 5840: Social Movements and Protests
  • COUN 5540: Women's/Emotional Health
  • GEOG 5300: Globalization, Conflict, and Resistence
  • INST 5500: Political Transofrmation, Human Rights, and Gender Politics in the Middle East
  • JOUR 5210: Race, Gender, and Media
  • LING 5580: Language and Gender
  • MRTS 5430: Gender and Sexuality in Horror Film
  • MRTS 5435: Lesbian Gay and Queer Film
  • PHIL 5250: Feminist Philosophies of Justice
  • PHIL 6710: Ecofeminism
  • PSYC 6200: Psychology of Race in the U.S.
  • MUET 5210: Music, Gender, and Sexualities

In addition to scheduled courses, all students will fulfill one of three "exit options," chosen in consultation with their major professor.

Please check out the PDF below for more information on the Graduate MA and overview of the structure of the program!

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