UNT Salute to Faculty Excellence | Women's & Gender Studies
May 2, 2023

UNT Salute to Faculty Excellence

Last Friday, April 28th, 2023, Dr. Megan Morrissey (WGST & LGBTQ Studies director) and Dr. Ӧzlem Altıok (WGST Studies principal lecturer) were honored at the UNT Salute to Faculty Excellence! This ceremony "is hosted each spring by Faculty Success and the UNT Foundation. It is just one of the many ways UNT honors the dedicated faculty members whose innovative research, pedagogy, and service continue our university's tradition of prestige (note 1)".

Dr. Morrissey received the Piper Professor Award Nominee, a prestigious award honors ten (10) professors from throughout Texas during the current academic year for their dedication to the teaching profession and superior teaching ability at the college level (note 2).

Dr. Altıok was the recipient of President's Council Teaching Award, which recognizes full-time, tenured/ tenure-track faculty members for a record of teaching excellence at the University of North Texas for at least a five (5) year period (note 3).

Congratulations to Dr. Morrissey and Dr. Altıok - we are honored to have you representing our programs and as part of our WGST community!

1. https://vpaa.unt.edu/fs/recognition


3. https://vpaa.unt.edu/fs/recognition/list/president-teaching

Pictured: Dr. Altıok (left) and Dr. Morrissey receiving awards at Salute to Faculty Excellence.