Dr. Ipsita Chatterjee | Women's & Gender Studies

Dr. Ipsita Chatterjee

Associate Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment
ENV 320G

Dr. Chatterjee's research explores globalization, class/race/gender/identity, othering, and violence. She looks at these processes in the urban contexts of the Global North and Global South. Her most recent book is titled: The Alti-Right Movement, Dissecting racism, patriarchy, and anti-immigration xenephobia (Winner of Excellence in Book Production Award, 2021, Federation of Indian Publishers).

She is inspired by Marxist, post-Marxist, and feminist critique of capitalism. Conepts of class, identity, gender, race, exploitation, alientation from nature, commodification/individualism, and dialectical materialist philosophy form a conceptual template of her work. She is a radical geographer and believes that her research and teaching must illuminate conditions and processes affecting the poor, minority, labor, and women so that we can intelectually imagine a socially-just world. For her, social justice is not an option, not can it be acquired piecemeal, it is an all encompassing discursive-material necessity that we all must work towards.\

Research interests: Feminism, Globalization, Identity marginalization, urban change and migration