Leah Brooks-Hall | Women's & Gender Studies

Leah Brooks-Hall

WGST Graduate Alumni

Pronouns: They/She

LJ Brooks-Hall graduated from the UNT Women's and Gender Studies program in 2020. They wrote the first thesis to be successfully composed and defended in the UNT WGST program, bringing together women of color feminism, decoloniality, and new materialism to weave a critical analysis of the relationship between humans and robots in the films Her and Ex Machina. They completed a second master's degree at UNT in Communication Studies (2021) with a focus on rhetoric. LJ is invested in exploring critical cultural questions emerging at the intersection of communication, technology, and intimacy. LJ's current research endeavors consider how digitally-mediated technologies such as social/dating apps, pornography, and teledildonics constitute queer worldmaking projects pointing toward an ethical future for techno-human relations.