FAQs | Women's & Gender Studies


What degrees does the WGST Program offer at UNT?

The WGST program offers a minor in WGST and LGBTQ for undergraduates & a master's degree in WGST.

What are the required classes for the WGST & LGBTQ undergraduate minors?

To find the required minor classes, click here! https://womensstudies.unt.edu/undergraduate

What are the core curriculum classes for the WGST graduate program?

To find the required core classes for graduate students, click here! https://womensstudies.unt.edu/graduates/degree-program-requirements

Who is the WGST program director?

Dr. Megan Morrissey is our program director. To see her bio, click here! https://womensstudies.unt.edu/people/sandra-spencer-phd-0

How many core faculty work for the WGST program? How many affiliated faculty are there?

We currently have two core faculty members & over 50 affiliated faculty.

What are the exit options available for WGST graduate students?

There are three exit options for graduate students. You can either create a thesis, a special problem, or find an internship. For more specific information, click here! https://womensstudies.unt.edu/graduates/wgst-ma-overview-requirements/exit-options

I'm interested in adding WGST to my degree plan, what is my step the next step?

Thank you for your interest, we would love to have you in our program! If you are a current UNT student, we suggest you contact a CLASS advisor to discuss how a minor or masters degree would fit into your academic plan. For the CLASS advising website, click here! https://class.unt.edu/office-student-advising

If you are a prospective student who doesn't already attend UNT, feel free to explore our website further! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to email our program email, wmst@unt.edu.