WGST hosts panel event, "Feminist Struggles in Dark Times: A Transnational Dialogue" | Women's & Gender Studies

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November 15, 2018

WGST hosts panel event, "Feminist Struggles in Dark Times: A Transnational Dialogue"

The Women's & Gender Studies Program, along with the Multicultural Center, and the Departments of Anthropology, Communication Studies, History, International Studies, Political Science, and Sociology, hosted a panel event, "Feminist Struggles in Dark Times: A Transnational Dialogue," on Monday, November 12, 2018. Feminist scholars from UNT and around the world came together to analyze the current state of politics in many different countries, and how feminism is essential to make sense of the dark times in which we live.

Panelists and their topics included:

Dr. Özlem Altıok (moderator), Women's & Gender Studies and International Studies at UNT - "Making Feminist Sense of Politics Across Borders"

Dr. Simten Coşar, Cornell Institute for European Studies at Cornell University - "A Feminist Look at Turkey's Post-Republican Politics"

Dr. Alicia Re Cruz, Anthropology and Women's & Gender Studies at UNT - "Immigrant Rights, Plights and Struggles from the Americas to Spain"

Dr. Hadidja Nyiransekuye, Social Work at UNT - "Power Disconnect Among Post-Genocide Rwandan Women: Figure Head or Reality"

Dr. Katherine Sobering, Sociology at UNT - "Women and Gender at Work: Worker-Recuperated Businesses in Argentina"

Dr. Bihter Somersan, Political Science & Gender Studies at Bahçeşehir University, Istanbul - "Feminist Encounters in Turkey"

Dr. Nancy Stockdale, History at UNT - "Women's anti-Israeli Occupation Activism and Struggles in Palestine"