LGBT Affiliated Faculty | Women's & Gender Studies

LGBT Affiliated Faculty

Director of Undergraduate Programs and Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology
Associate Professor, Department of Geography and the Environment
Professor, Department of Media Arts
Lecturer, English
408F Language Bldg
Assistant Professor of Black Literary and Cultural Studies, Department of English
409E Language Building
Professor, Mayborn School of Journalism
Sycamore 254
Assistant Professor, Department of English
Language Building 409G
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
TH 336
Assistant Professor, Studio Art: New Media Art
Art Building, Room 345P
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Sycamore Hall, 256
Associate Professor of History, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Wooten Hall 255
Assistant Professor in Performance Studies, Department of Communication Studies
GAB 332
Associate Professor of Media Arts
RTFP 237